“I want to express my appreciation for your talent and energy during our classes this week. The students were totally engaged and feel they have profited significantly from their work with you.” 

Feedback from school session

Flying Cloud has seen first-hand how approaching a topic in a different way creates mega-watt light bulb moments for students.  Our schools workshops are designed around your students’ needs and accommodate age, curriculum requirements and abilities in order to fully engage students on wide ranging topics.

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Workshops for The Book 

“You can make friends by sharing stories.” 

Free public workshops designed to cross culture and age, ran alongside ‘The Book’, bringing two different community groups together in each touring town. Using theatre and writing exercises, participants explored beliefs around themes of the play including identity, creativity and our common humanity. At the heart of the experience was a ‘story exchange’ – embodying and re-telling another’s story in order to see the world through their eyes.

Highlights of the final workshop in each town were edited into short films which you can view below. The films were screened at each venue and shared on social media to extend the reach beyond the participants directly involved.

Plans are afoot to create a lasting legacy and roll out Story Swap across the UK and Europe in 2015/16. Please get in touch if you know a group who’d like to get involved.


Tonight has encouraged me to be more grateful and more caring for others. We’re not living alone under a rock but together in a world.” – York participant

“I feel such compassion for everyone after hearing their stories and comments on the evening.” – Hull participant

“You hear stories at school but it’s more interesting when you hear them live and you know they really happened to people.” – Scarborough participant

“You often think of your own big stories going on but other people have big stories inside them too.” – Darlington Participant

 “At first, it felt really awkward in the room but after everyone had shared stories it felt really different and everyone was talking.” – Richmond participant


Workshops for NAPOLI

As part of the Napoli project three free inter-generational workshops took place in each performance venue, reaching over 100 participants.

‘Excellent workshop introducing a new approach to writing – thank you. ‘  – Lee Phillips, West Yorkshire Playhouse Participant

‘Great workshop – really enjoyed the physical element – a very different way of working and very inspiring’ – Dawn Amesbury – West Yorkshire Playhouse Participant

‘Thank you for the whole experience. From the workshop to the production it has all been an emotional trip. Congratulations – look forward to more.’ –  Michell Wakefield – Stephen Joseph Theatre Scarborough Participant.

‘Absolutely amazing. What a storyteller. I must add that the workshops we did with you were also terrific.’ – Caroline Teale – Stephen Joseph Theatre Scarborough Participant.